Our owners started the ATX Doulas team in 2013 with a vision of providing support for women and families throughout the childbearing year with compassion, knowledge and experience.










Our birth doulas support women through all kinds of birthing experiences: VBAC, unmedicated childbirth, epidurals and narcotic pain relief, Cesarean birth, inductions, high-risk pregnancies, advanced maternal age, multiples, preterm labor, and more.













Our postpartum doulas are experts in the "fourth trimester" and have experience with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, colic/reflux, twins, sleep schedules, cesarean birth recovery, recognizing postpartum mood disorders, and more.









6-week postpartum group series for mamas with babies under 1 year old.

An intentional series exploring pertinent themes in motherhood and the transition into motherhood. 





Amy is a certified Doula and Childbirth Educator with ICEA and the instructor of an awesome childbirth ed class. Amy taught Literature and Writing and ESL for nearly five years until the birth of her children. (One hospital birth (12/25/05), two home births (2008 & 2011), all 3 all natural. Since 2009, Amy has had the privilege to be a doula for many different types of births for woman of all ages in many different hospitals and homes and birthing centers around town. Among the many different types of births she has been able to attend, she has coached successful VBACs, successful natural inductions, c-sections, twins and a vaginal breech delivery. Amy believes deeply that a woman’s body was fearfully and wonderfully created for the unique work of labor and delivery.


Cary is a DONA-trained birth doula with a BA in English and Women’s Studies from the U of Michigan and a MA in English from Hunter College. Cary abandoned the corporate world in New York City in favor of a career working with women in a nurturing environment. She believes that birth presents a tremendous opportunity for women to really explore and treasure their own strength, and she is thrilled to be able to be a part of such an amazing process. Cary also knows that laughter and touch can go a long way during labor, and she strives to create an atmosphere of warmth, respect, and humor. Outside of doula work, Cary is an avid reader, knitter, baker, and animal lover and enjoys spending time with her partner, Dave, and their dog, three house cats, and one outdoor “stray” kitty. Cary has two little girls Winnie (2014) and Lydie (2016).


Tif has a BA in Legal Studies from UMass Amherst with and emphisis in Social Justice and Civil Rights. She has worked in a variety of fields from Government to Corporate but has found her passion in the world of birth which she entered in 2011. Tif is excited to work with families of all backgrounds who picture the birth of their baby in a variety of ways; from natural to medicated, and from home to hospital. Tif strives to enhance and protect the intimacy of birth between partners; she strongly encourages sleeping, showering and staying home as long as possible. When Tif’s not Doulaing she's probably traipsing the world with her family or chilling in the 78704 with her awesome husband, sweet dogs, son’s, Seamus (1998) and Cash (2012) and daughter Levi (2014).



Darby received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Baylor University. After working as a speech therapist for 6 years, she had her first son (2006). After having first-hand experience with a long labor and hospital birth, she noticed the significant impact her doula had on that labor and realized how empowering birth can be. She had two more sons (2008, 2011), both born at home, and her desire to support women and their partners during the birth process grew. Darby has a natural calming, reassuring presence. She wants to help women trust their bodies which were created to give birth and also help them realize that they have options during the birthing experience. Darby is also a loss and bereavement doula trained through Stillbirthday. She has a heart for supporting families through all birth situations, in any trimester. Outside of doula work, Darby enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys, entertaining friends at her home, and taking dance classes around town.


Allie is a DONA-certified birth doula and graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Physical Anthropology. She discovered a passion for birth work when she was pregnant with her daughter and decided to officially certify as a doula after having had the chance to support the births of a few close friends and family members. Allie believes all women have the right to feel safe, informed, empowered, and supported throughout their labor and delivery. She trusts in the natural process of birth and a woman’s ability to bring her baby into the world, and is continuously delighted and honored to be a part of that transformative process. She has a warm and empathic nature and aims to create a comforting, joyful atmosphere for mamas and their partners to welcome their little ones into. Outside of the birthing space, Allie is a crafty lady and designs stationery, plans Halloween costumes months in advance, embroiders, and builds/refinishes furniture. She lives in South Austin with her husband (Andrew), kiddo (Norah, b. 2017), and dog (Audrey). She is currently expecting her second baby, due at the end of 2019.


Angela is DONA trained Doula and comes to birth through a holistic health coaching background. After the birth of her own children, enamored by the work of her own Doula, she began her path of training to become a Doula. During both of those pregnancies, Angela was employed as a set costumer for TV and film. With long hours she forged and activated self awareness and self care around her own food and health lifestyle. Having realized the huge importance of acknowledging trust in her own body, she has been fascinated with and passionate about nutrition, pregnancy and birth, and the transition into motherhood ever since. Her appreciation for mother, partner and baby grows with every birth, deepening her understanding for providing other women and their partners with emotional and physical support, while nurturing the natural physiological process of birth. Inspired by women, babies and the human body, Angela loves any chance to lend a hand, heart and ear for the birth, life, and wellness journey. Angela is also an IPPA trained Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, Holistic Health Coach, trained in the art of Rebozo, and CPR Certified.


Diana is DONA trained birth doula that fell in love with the “mom and baby world” after giving birth at home to her first daughter in 2002. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she moved to Austin in 2007 with her husband and their two daughters, Beatriz and Nina. She volunteered with GALS until she got pregnant and gave birth to another baby girl in 2013, Manuela. She is now proud to call Texas her home. Being a doula since 2002, Diana has been in all types of births, in both Brazil and Austin, from home birth to c-sections, and, regardless the way the baby comes earth side, she is always there for the mom. With her calming presence and physical and emotional techniques, she brings comfort and helps the family create lasting, loving memories on their big day. Diana believes that every woman has the strength and power to bring a baby into this world, and she feels truly honored to be present in such a transformative moment. We all need support in various moments throughout our life. Having a positive help during labor can impact not only delivery, but also the baby’s first years.  


Tamara is a DONA-trained birth doula, Licensed Professional Counselor, and, most importantly, a native Austinite.  Tamara has provided case management, counseling and advocacy services for what feels like almost every organization in Austin since 2010.  She received her BA in English and MEd in Counselor Education from The University of Texas at Austin.  She enjoyed working most with expecting and new mothers/couples and decided to volunteer with Giving Austin Labor Support in 2015.   As Tamara started to meet mothers who experienced prior trauma, birth trauma, and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, she took continuing education courses to better serve these clients.  She has experience with pelvic pain conditions, including endometriosis, and autoimmune disease.  Tamara is also familiar with fertility treatments and the accompanying anxiety with a successful pregnancy.  Fighting for diagnoses and treatment plans reinforced her belief that everyone deserves evidence-based education in their reproductive health choices, and can benefit from self-advocacy with support.  She is an avid cross-stitcher and loves creating birth affirmations and nursery art so her home doesn't fill up with embroidery.


January has been working with families for over 20 years. As a professional nanny, massage therapist and doula, she has been able to share her knowledge of pregnancy, labor/delivery, infant care, and postpartum care with her clients. Pregnancy massage has taught her a great deal about being in tune with a mama, as well as a full understanding of pregnancy and what your body is currently going through. She can be a real asset to your level of comfort throughout your journey of motherhood and provide a calm presence for your family. She will hold a space for you and your family during this most special time of birth. She is incredibly grateful to get to be such an integral part of the families she has supported. She holds a bachelors degree from the University of Redlands, a massage license, CPR certification, first aid training, and training in breastfeeding support.  She looks forward to helping you have the best supportive experience you can. 


Victoria has been working in the birth world for 3 years, working towards a Midwifery license and also supporting women through labor as a doula. She has attended births in all settings: hospitals, birth centers and homebirths. She loves the connection and vital roles doulas offer. She ran Rainy Day Baby and supported women in the Austin area for a almost a year before joining ATX Doulas. Some of her most special memories are of attending close friends deliveries and supporting them through it. 

Victoria loves to incorporate essential oils, candles, calming music and hands-on comfort measures into her labor support. She is from a large family and has always been around the “birth community”, and when she started it seemed like something she was always meant to do. When she is not at a labor or involved in the pregnancy process, she enjoys traveling, exploring, outdoors and hanging out with her family. 


Courtney is a DONA trained Doula and supporting women during the delicate time of childbirth and motherhood is where she finds her passion and calling. Courtney received her BA in psychology from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an MA in Christian Ministry and Discipleship from Liberty University. However, it wasn’t until after she became a mother that she knew she wanted to support other women in their birth journey. Courtney is married and has four beautiful children; Gibson (2010), Aubrey (2012), Declan (2015) and Farrah (2018). Although she chose to cloth diaper and breastfeed her children for their first 24-30 months, Courtney realized that one size doesn’t fit all and wants to support moms in all their personal decisions. Courtney believes women are meant to do life together, and she is dedicated to supporting families physically and emotionally. Courtney has been told that she carries peace and calm with her that is beneficial during and after childbirth. In her precious free time, Courtney enjoys coffee, crafting, reading, and walking aimlessly around Target.


Nikki is a DONA-trained birth doula with a MA in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin and is a licensed homebirth midwife in town.  She believes that birth empowers women and families to take their health into their own hands, to transform into mothers/parents/bigger families and to ultimately make the world a better place.  She believes birth doesn’t have to be chaos - it can be an opportunity!  Nikki is interested in meeting birthing parents where they are at in the moment and encouraging them along this journey called “birth” - often with massage, information and some essential oils.  Outside of doula work, Nikki is a local midwife, with hobbies in herbalism, gardening, baking, cycling and mosaic making.  She cherishes time with her husband Josh, their son (2018), two dogs, cat, friends, family and community. 


Laine is a DONA-trained doula who comes to the birth world by a long journey of infertility and two unique birth experiences that were very different but both very beautiful. It was her experience with her VBAC in 2016 that really rooted her desire to become a doula herself. She watched her own doulas care for her and her partner through a lens of gratitude and awe. Birth is filled with variables unknown but she chose to be supported by a trained doula knowing it would make the experience easier on everyone. What she didn’t fully grasp until the time came, was how it would empower her to make the best decisions for her family so that she can look back on the time with joy and no regrets. Laine grew up all over the world and has been lucky enough to see there is never just one way to do something. Every woman, every baby, every birth is different and every choice is valid and deserves to be heard and respected. The best part about being a doula is knowing you make a real difference for the people you help. Laine loves to create a soothing atmosphere in the birth space with candles, essential oils and comfort measures such as massage. She prides herself on being flexible and bringing the calm while maintaining a sense of humor at whatever life throws her. Laine has lived in Austin for the past 12 years with her awesome husband, old pooch Izzy and their two hilarious boys, Lochlan (2014) and Cassius (2016). Laine is proud and excited to be a member of the ATX Doulas Team where there is no end to the love and caring Austin families can receive. 

* Pam Sutton and Kala Anderson are trained and passionate Birth and Postpartum Doulas who play a primary role on the postpartum team but occasionally moonlight on the birth team. Please see bios below.



Kala is a DONA-trained doula, a certified Yoga instructor, photographer and also does henna art. She has 3 amazing boys Jahkaia (2008), Kaede (2010), Luka (2013), a daughter, Aura (2016) and twins Zara and Bodhi (2019); born at the hospital and home. She attended her first birth when she was 8 years old and after that she soon knew it was her calling to support mamas/families through birth and postpartum. Starting as a doula for friends in 2009 her passion grew and then attended training in 2012. Kala guides and supports mamas and their partners through the birth process with love, patience and compassion. She brings a warm presence, a calm reassuring voice, encouragement and confidence to all involved. She wants parents to know their options in every situation and will help them find their voice if needed. Immediately like a best friend, she comes with her whole open heart to every family welcoming new life. Kala also enjoys horses, hiking/exploring with her kids, homemaking and life as a whole. 


Jeanie received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at The University of Texas and is a married mother of four children ages 5‐11. Jeanie teaches Pre‐K at City School as well as helping her husband in his work with college students. Jeanie is a gifted encourager and finds great satisfaction providing mental, physical and emotional support during the critical transition time of bringing a new baby home. She also enjoys looking for practical ways to support families while they settle into this next season of life. Her sense of humor and joyful spirit help families relax and enjoy bonding with the newest addition to their family.


Lynn is a DONA trained postpartum doula, she brings with her years of experience in partnering with families to care for loved ones. She is a dedicated caregiver, who is prepared to provide emotional and physical support to new mothers and their families according to each family’s needs.  Her desire is to help families smoothly transition into a new family dynamic. Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. She has been married for over 30 years and has two adult daughters. In addition to her doula work, Lynn enjoys gardening, trying local restaurants, going to fitness classes and spending time with family & friends. 


Pam is passionate about providing doula support to mothers and families prenatally, during birth and during the postpartum period. She has always had an interest in healthcare and children and worked as a chiropractic assistant for 20 years as she and her husband raised their 4 children. Having had both the hospital birth and the home birth experience herself, she realized the need for the level of care she received from her midwives and wanted to help make a difference for other women and support families in the birthing community. She obtained doula training in 1998 and attended a number of births while working and being a busy mom.  After moving to Austin from California in 2010, she worked 4 years as a Wellness Coordinator at a private elementary school. She re-certified as a doula in 2015 while volunteering with Giving Austin Labor Support and doing postpartum support with Your Village Consulting, along with her own doula practice. She also has been helping her husband with his real estate business.  Pam and her husband Sean enjoy spending time with their 3 adult daughters, son-in-law, teenage son still at home, new granddaughter, and their 2 labradors. She also enjoys being outdoors, hiking and doing yoga as much as she can!


Carolyn was a NYC party girl who got married and had a baby. Sounds simple enough but after her daughter was born, she felt lonely and unsupported. Most people she knew were still going out and not into babies or lived far away. Before her first daughter turned 1, Carolyn moved to Texas to be near her family in the hopes of establishing a support system. It was then that she began training to become a Postpartum Doula. Carolyn wanted families to know they had someone to help them, they didn't have to do this alone. After moving to Texas, Carolyn had 2 more babies and began working as a Postpartum Doula. The need was even greater than originally thought: there were many levels to this life with baby and a lot of families didn't even know Postpartum Doulas existed. There is so much focus on pregnancy, labor and delivery then baby is born, everyone goes home and you're left holding this tiny human wondering "now what do I do with you?".  That's when a Postpartum Doula comes into the picture. Postpartum Doula work is not just about the "traditional" family, it's about ALL families. It's not just first time parents, it's ALL parents, siblings and yes! even the dog feels the change of a new addition. Carolyn is a Postpartum Doula because every baby needs love and every family needs support.


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!

* January Neshangi, Courtney Basse and Angela Mirabella-Friedman also provide postpartum doula support. Please see their bios under Birth Doulas.



Nicole is a certified birth doula with DONA International.  She has been supporting women and their families as a doula since 2008.  She has her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Texas and began working with families and children in 2003.  In 2006, she began working with young mothers and mothers in need with Any Baby Can doing prenatal, birth, and parenting education.  Her interest and passion for doula work was sparked by witnessing women birthing alone with little or no support and the realization of the long term impact a doula's work had for families.  She is in awe of the mystery of birth and offers a peaceful and engaged presence to empower a family during this transformational period. She has supported women and partners through many different types of births, and brings a wealth of knowledge, practical support, and experience.  Nicole has also been trained in optimal fetal positioning through Spinning Babies and is currently being trained in birth story listening/ processing through Birthing From Within.  Nicole is a native Austinite.  Her and her husband have three children and when she is not chasing her kiddos or doula-ing she loves to garden, cook, travel, be with family and friends, hike, and enjoy local Austin eateries.

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