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*ATX Prenatal Group, Mama Bloom and ATX Childbirth Ed. are all group classes on a set schedule. Please check the calendar for upcoming dates.

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 One-hour private and personalized in-home session covering your top concerns from the following:

  • Feeding & burping

  • Routines 

  • Baby’s daily care, including diapering & bathing

  • Cord/circumcision care

  • Newborn senses, comforting, and crying

  • Swaddling

  • Sleep patterns

  • Illness & when to call the doctor

  • Safety -- carseat, crib, etc.

  • Nursery layout

*Class can be done before or after baby is born

*Classes not used within 60 days of birth will not be refunded

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Mama Bloom is a 6-week postpartum group series for mamas with babies under 1 year old.

It is an intentional series exploring pertinent themes in motherhood and the transition into motherhood. The group will be a safe space for mamas to gain support, connection, community and greater fulfillment. This is a place a mama can be known and explore who she is as a new mama without judgment. 

This group begins with a set group of mamas and stays closed until the 6 weeks are over to help create a “tribe” for these mamas. Groups meet weekly for 2 hours and cover themes such as: identity as a new mama, radical self-care, practicing greater presence, and self-love and compassion.  Expect to finish this series and have a greater sense of who you are as a mama and be able to embrace the challenges and joys of motherhood with greater acceptance and ease.  

Check calendar or email Nicole for start dates. Babies always welcome and encouraged.

HSA/FSA Payments can be made here. Registration through the calendar is required.

Location: Birthwise Birth Center 17th & Rio Grande


Our prenatal group is a four session facilitated series that starts the first Wednesday of every month and meets virtually via ZOOM. This group is open to all expecting persons from any background. We strive to create a safe and open place for everyone.


Session 1:

Getting to know each other/trust each other. Setting group expectations on communication, vulnerability, confidentiality. How body feels. How participants feel emotionally. Pregnancy expectations. What ideal birth looks like. A good intro session to set the groundwork for trust, bonding, and sharing openly that will set the tone for the following sessions.

Session 2:

Getting evidence based care and what that looks like. Encountering and bias and racism as a birthing person. Induction information. Recognizing provider bait and switch tactics.


Session 3:

Optimal fetal positioning


Session 4:

Setting realistic postpartum expectations. A little about breastfeeding and those expectations. PP connection and resources and realism. Expectations with partner or solo parenting. 4th trimester. Real talk.

HSA/FSA Payments can be made here. Registration through the calendar is required.

Location: ZOOM

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Comfort Measures is a 2-hour express hands-on course covering the following:

Relaxation, massage, breathing techniques, focal points, visualizations and guided imagery, the use of water therapy, music and sounds, positioning for labor comfort and aromatherapy


Discussion emphasizes utilizing these techniques to shorten your overall labor, ease the pain of labor, and the special role of support people for the laboring woman.

A must for all women planning a vaginal birth: unmedicated, epidural, VBAC

Prepare to move and dress accordingly!

*Comfort Measures is included in ATX Childbirth Ed Class

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ATX Childbirth Education is a 7- hour class with a break for lunch.

It is a non-judgmental childbirth education series with the goal of educating and empowering every pregnant person no matter where or how you chose to birth. We invite ALL birthing people to join regardless of relationship status, sexuality, gender identification, etc.  This class is for everyone! 


The series covers the following:


Overview of Normal Labor

The evidence- based 6 healthy birth practices. We will cover estimated due dates, anatomy and physiology of birth, and the three stages of labor, and pushing. Discussion emphasizes the normalcy of labor and helps give you confidence in yourself and your body.


Comfort Measures

Techniques such as relaxation, massage, breathing, visualization, tools and positions for comfort in labor, the mental side of dealing with pain, and different theories for pain management. Discussion emphasizes utilizing these techniques to use gravity and movement to shorten your overall labor, get baby in the optimal position, and ease the pain of labor. As well as the important role of support people.


Medical Procedures and Interventions

The benefits of letting labor start on its own, routine medical interventions, induction and augmentation of labor using Pitocin, the cascade of interventions, pain medications and epidural, assisted deliveries, and Cesarean birth. Discussion emphasizes making informed and educated choices regarding your birth based on knowing a procedure’s pros and cons, risks, and alternatives. 



Including the golden hour, skin to skin, choices and evidence for routine infant procedures, the first latch, what to expect postpartum in the hospital or birth center, physical changes and mental changes in the postpartum period. Discussion also addresses processing your birth and setting up a support structure for the postpartum period.

HSA/FSA Payments can be made here. Registration through the calendar is required.

Location: Birthwise Birth Center 17th & Rio Grande.  Contact for more info.

*Comfort Measures is offered as a stand-alone class


One-hour private and personalized in-home session covering the following:

  • What's "normal" and what's not

  • Positioning & latch

  • Solutions for common problems

  • When & how to pump

  • How to find additional help and resources

*Class can be done before or after baby is born


*Classes not used within 60 days of birth will not be refunded

  • $20 mileage fee applies to clients to Kyle, Manor, Jonestown, Georgetown, Hutto, Leander, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Elgin, Bastrop, Lockhart, Spicewood, Bee Cave, Marble Falls, San Marcos and other towns not listed that are 15+ miles from Central Austin. Additional fee may apply for 40+ miles from Central Austin.

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