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  • We have one joint internal private google calendar: ATX Calendar

    • This calendar is intended for internal scheduling, doulas are required to add schedule changes to this calendar (vacation time, etc.)

    • pw: ask owners


  • We have one public calendar on our website:

    • This calendar is for scheduling Doulapalooza, Doulas in the Park, Classes and other public events

    • Registration for events can be made on this calendar

    • Payments for classes can be made on this calendar

    • Contact Katie if you need something published on the Public Calendar


Client Notes

  • All of our client's info will be on this one spreadsheet: ATX Clients Notes

    • There are a few different tabs, here are some guidelines:

      • Active birth - anyone that has ever contacted us (DP, classes, sign up for placenta, etc) and hasn't yet had their baby.

      • Non-birth clients - these are mama's who have had their baby and they may have met us at DP, took a class, signed up for just placenta, etc. but did not use our birth doula service. If someone contacts us after their baby is born for placenta, postpartum, etc. this is where you would put them.

      • Inactive birth 20__ - this is where all of our birth clients go once they have their baby. Placenta, postpartum, etc. you will add info here is you  are providing these services for our birth clients.

      • Postpartum - you can find info on all current or future pp clients here

      • Inactive Postpartum - once clients are done using our pp services the PPM will move their info to this tab


Birth Stats

  • After attending every birth the doula is expected to fill out the following form: ATX Birth Stats


Birth Bag - required items

all birth doulas on our team agree to have the following:​

  • Lavender

  • Peppermint

  • Heating pad/rice rock, etc


Postpartum scheduling

  • The Postpartum Doula Manager will do all the initial scheduling

    • The doula that is sent to them may reschedule with the family but needs to notify the PPM and make sure that it gets on the calendar



  • If a client gives you a check or cash please take a picture of it and post on “payment” in GM

  • Give the payment to an owner within two weeks

  • Contractors may never pay themselves out of these payments


Doula Contact

Services Rendered

  • All SR's are due by the 10th to be paid on the 15th and the 25th to be paid on the last day of the month. If pay dates fall on a weekend Contractors will be paid on the Friday before pay date: Services Rendered Form

  • If you would like to view your SR's you can do so by following this link or searching in the google drive for "Services Rendered Form (Master) Response"

Background Check

  • All Contractor's must complete a background check. Please submit the Background Check form and $45 to Tanya Phillips:


Contractor Agreement

  • All Contractor's must complete the Contractor Agreement

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