Doulapalooza! & Doulas in the Park Requirements:

  • All Birth and Postpartum Doulas are required to attend two of three Doulapalooza's every month. Doulas in the Park is always optional. Dates can be found on both internal and public calendars. Failure to meet this requirement may result in termination of the contractor's agreement with ATX Doulas.

  • Arrive all DP 30 min early to help set up and 1-1.5 hours after to meet

  • This is our time to interview with clients and potential clients. This is a great place to market your services and build a work community with the other contractors.

  • It is required to fill out the "DP Attendance" form for every meet up.

  • If you cannot attend please notify an owner privately not on GM


Being prepared - know our clients

  • Birth and Postpartum Doulas must read clients Needs Assessment before call shifts or going to a client’s home for a pp visit

  • Check Client Notes for extra information - PP and Birth

    • Best to do this before call shift for birth doulas


Privately contacting birth clients:

  • We encourage all of our doulas to communicate with our clients as often as they want. We ask a few things

    • Please communicate through the google voice app. This will save confusion on what number they should call when in labor and if anything weird goes down we have some notes on it

    • Use your ATX email

  • If a mama is in early labor over night it is fine to give your personal number but you need to make sure they know that if you do not answer immediately they need to call the doualine.


Repeat Client Discount:

  • Previous clients receive $100 discount and may request their previous doula. Doula's do not have to agree to being on-call for a previous client.

  • The following clients qualify for one of the above mentioned discounts:

    • Previous birth client of ATX Doulas

    • Previous birth client of one of the active ATX Doulas


Friends & Family policy:

  • Each Doula can choose to provide her services for up to five friends or family annually. The F&F would pay the current package price and the rotation will be backup.

  • Each Doula may take private free (no trade or bartering) clients so long as she can get her ATX Doulas shift covered

    • Keep the team posted on these clients.


Split births

  • Typical reasons to split a birth

    • Mama stops laboring all together

    • Family emergency

    • Over 24 hours and no end in sight

  • Each doula will submit an SR for the birth with her total number of hours with the family, she will be paid hourly for her portion of the birth

    • Doula 1 hours + Doula 2 hours = Total hours

    • Total hours / amount paid out for the birth = hourly


Missed births or unhappy clients:

  • It’s very uncommon but if a doula misses a birth on her accord or if she receives a negative review and a refund is requested the ATX Doulas owners have the discretion to make a decision on payment to the contractor and refunds