Cary and Tif started the ATX Doulas 2013 with a vision of providing support for women and families throughout the childbearing year with compassion, knowledge and experience. They are passionate about working together as a strong team of women and truly taping into the vast wealth of knowledge that each woman brings to the team.

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Cary is a DONA-trained birth doula with a BA in English and Women’s Studies from the U of Michigan and a MA in English from Hunter College. Cary abandoned the corporate world in New York City in favor of a career working with women in a nurturing environment. She believes that birth presents a tremendous opportunity for women to really explore and treasure their own strength, and she is thrilled to be able to be a part of such an amazing process. Cary also knows that laughter and touch can go a long way during labor, and she strives to create an atmosphere of warmth, respect, and humor. Outside of doula work, Cary is an avid reader, knitter, baker, and animal lover and enjoys spending time with her partner, Dave, and their dog, three house cats, and one outdoor “stray” kitty. Cary has two little girls Winnie (2014) and Lydie (2016).

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Tif has a BA in Legal Studies from UMass Amherst with and emphisis in Social Justice and Civil Rights. She has worked in a variety of fields from Government to Corporate but has found her passion in the world of birth which she entered in 2011. Tif is excited to work with families of all backgrounds who picture the birth of their baby in a variety of ways; from natural to medicated, and from home to hospital. Tif strives to enhance and protect the intimacy of birth between partners; she strongly encourages sleeping, showering and staying home as long as possible. When Tif’s not Doulaing she's probably traipsing the world with her family or chilling in Cuernavaca with her awesome husband, sweet dogs, son’s, Seamus (1998) and Cash (2012) and daughter Levi (2014).



Our birth doulas support women through all kinds of birthing experiences: VBAC, unmedicated childbirth, epidurals and narcotic pain relief, Cesarean birth, inductions, high-risk pregnancies, advanced maternal age, multiples, preterm labor, and more.

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Darby received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Baylor University. After working as a speech therapist for 6 years, she had her first son (2006). After having first-hand experience with a long labor and hospital birth, she noticed the significant impact her doula had on that labor and realized how empowering birth can be. She had two more sons (2008, 2011), both born at home, and her desire to support women and their partners during the birth process grew. Darby has a natural calming, reassuring presence. She wants to help women trust their bodies which were created to give birth and also help them realize that they have options during the birthing experience. Darby is also a loss and bereavement doula trained through Stillbirthday. She has a heart for supporting families through all birth situations, in any trimester. Outside of doula work, Darby enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys, entertaining friends at her home, and taking dance classes around town.



Kelly is a DTI trained birth and postpartum doula. Born and raised in Austin, she holds a BA in English Literature from St. Edward’s University. Kelly is a lover of the transformative process of birth and assisting families through the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. After the birth and NICU journey with her daughter, she realized that the team that embraces you through those moments has a profound influence on that experience. Kelly provides warm and gracious support while navigating birth preferences in all situations. She has enjoyed working with Giving Austin Labor Support over the past year and learning the ebb and flow of being a new parent with her Brazilian husband, Luan, to their wild-child daughter Emilia (2018). Outside of birth support and her family, Kelly’s loves include eating great food, dance, organizing literally everything and exploring historic places.



Teresa comes from a strong background in childcare and supporting families, and has always had a passion in caring for & supporting others. After the birth of her daughter she felt inspired to learn more about the birth world and how she could support families in a new facet of parenthood. She's worked with families in various settings and backgrounds, and loves being able to connect with families in settings where they feel the most comfortable.  Teresa is a lactation specialist, and is anxiously awaiting the results for her IBCLC certification this December!  She also holds certifications in CPR, NRP, and NICU breastfeeding specialist. 



Sydney is a HypnoBirthing trained Doula and Childbirth Educator, Blessingway Creatrix & Prenatal Yoga Teacher. She graduated at the School of Metaphysics in Dallas, Texas in 2016. Her background has been a foundation  for her Birth Work. Sydney specializes and deeply values integrating mindfulness, body awareness and deep relaxation practices into her Birth Work. Sydney's Doula path began when she was 15 years old after supporting one of her friends during Pregnancy and at the Birth. She was so inspired by the Journey of Birth, years later when she discovered she could serve many more women in this role she began her work as a Doula. Sydney views Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood as a very sacred transformation and evolution for each woman and for every kind of Birth. She is honored to be a presence for women and families as a Doula. Sydney provides a safe, comforting, strong space at every birth she supports. She is a free-spirited gal and the families she has supported love her expanded, open, & loving energy. Sydney love to develop deep authentic relationships. When Sydney is not at a Birth, you will find her on the dance floor, traveling, in a yoga class, thrifting or somewhere out in nature! 

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Amelia is a DONA trained birth doula with a BA in Global Studies and emphasis in Public Health. Originally from Minnesota, Amelia moved to Austin in 2019 and immediately started volunteering with GALS and working for People’s Community Clinic as a Pregnancy Health Educator; before arriving in Austin, she was a volunteer doula at a hospital in Minneapolis. Her passion has always been to serve other women and help them achieve their health goals, whether that be through their birth experience or otherwise. She became a doula so she could help women feel empowered to take control of their birth experience and allow their body to do what it was built to do. Outside of doulaing, she teaches yoga, dances salsa and bachata, and spends any other free time finding inner peace outdoors. With her grounding presence, and sprinkles of corny jokes, she helps the family feel connected to the moment as they bring their new little human into the world. Amelia believes each birth is beautiful and unique and she is honored to assist you. 



Klarque is a DONA trained birth doula and has her BA in psychology with a minor in business management. She is currently enrolled in school to become a midwife, and is extremely enthusiastic, as well as invested in the work she does. Klarque has been a doula since 2018, and knew that after attending her first birth, that birthing was her true calling. Klarque has a passion for women's autonomy and health, and was pulled to become a certified lactation counselor and a childbirth educator to further help in the birthing experience. Klarque previously supervised a doula program at a non profit that benefited young mother's in Iowa, enabling them to have a birth doula free of charge. She truly believes that every woman deserves to have a doula and that to be a doula is truly a destined path. Klarque has a daughter, Kendi (2020), that she had at home and will forever hold that experience sacred. In her free time, Klarque enjoys cooking vegan meals, hiking with her partner, doing yoga, or reading. 



Katie is a DTI certified birth and postpartum doula. She holds a BA in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University. She began her journey to birthwork after delivering her daughter (2013) in the birthing tub at a birthing center. It was the most empowering experience and she was in awe of what her body and mind were capable of. Two years later, she decided to deliver her son (2015) in the same way. This all ignited a passionate calling in her to support birthing people and their families during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  Katie values empathy, inclusion, respect, empowerment, and compassionate care and will work to ensure clients have the most positive birth experience possible.  She enjoys volunteering with Giving Austin Labor Support and is committed to continued education.  Katie loves to support families in finding their voice and feels honored to assist them.  Outside of doula work, Katie enjoys spending time with her family, entertaining friends, and trying new foods. 



Tanya (she/her) is a full spectrum doula dedicated to providing compassionate companionship and support to a variety of life experiences. Tanya did birth and postpartum training with DTI, and actively engages in continued education related to BIPOC and LGTBQ+ trauma informed care. Body autonomy, consent, and evidence based information are the foundation for her practice. Her warm grounding energy is an anchor to dive deeper into your lived experience. Tanya is grateful for her own transformational life experiences, and having felt held and supported throughout. Together she will work with you to co-create a brave space where your body and intuition are trusted, your vulnerability is respected, and an embodied and empowered experience is possible- no matter what unfolds! Outside of the wellness world, Tanya is a ceramic artist and comes from a background working in non profit art organizations, creating events and programs for community engagement.



Najala is an English/Spanish speaking Birth Doula and aspiring Midwife. She was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2018 she began working in childcare as a volunteer ESL teacher for young indigenous children living in reclusive areas of Ecuador. She continued teaching ESL to children but transitioned to the private sector eventually making her way working with children with autism as a behavior technician. In 2021, Najala found her passion in birth work, shortly after this discovery she trained with DONA International. Najala continues to educate herself daily. She believes that labor and birth is one of the most beautiful and difficult processes a woman’s body can go through; she is committed to helping all the people have a positive outlook on their birthing experience. ​



Our postpartum doulas are experts in the "fourth trimester" and have experience with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, colic/reflux, twins, sleep schedules, cesarean birth recovery, recognizing postpartum mood disorders, and more.

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Kala Rose was named after one of the two midwives who were at her own birth ("Kala and Kelly"). Kala has six amazing kiddos: Jahkaia (2008) Kaede (2010) Luka (2013) Aura (2016) twins Bodhi & Zara (2019) and Uriah (2021). She's had her kids at both the hospital and at home which were all beautiful in their own right. She attended her first birth when she was 8 years old and after that she soon came to know it was her calling to support mamas/ families through birth and early postpartum. Kala guides and supports mamas and their partners through the birth process and postpartum period with love, patience and compassion. She brings a warm smile to labor and birth, a calm reassuring voice, encouragement and confidence to all involved. She wants parents to know their options and encourages them to make decisions that best suit them. She is fully there for them in every moment, and is there to help find their voice when needed, she comes with her whole open heart to every family welcoming new life. Kala is currently on maternity leave.



Jeanie received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at The University of Texas and is a married mother of four children (b. 2004-2011). Jeanie teaches Pre‐K at City School as well as helping her husband in his work with college students. Jeanie is a gifted encourager and finds great satisfaction providing mental, physical and emotional support during the critical transition time of bringing a new baby home. She also enjoys looking for practical ways to support families while they settle into this next season of life. Her sense of humor and joyful spirit help families relax and enjoy bonding with the newest addition to their family.

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Ellen is a married mother of four children and has called Austin home since 1995. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Counseling at St. Edward’s University and loves coming alongside people during challenging times to provide practical support and a listening ear. After her fourth child was born she embraced the help of a postpartum doula which inspired her to reach out to other moms to uphold and empower them during this unique season of folding a new baby into the family. Ellen loves exploring the outdoors, cuisines from around the world, and discovering the beauty of people and their stories.  



I am a mother, a long-time postpartum doula and a Certified Sleep Consultant.  My passion is supporting families in their journey of parenting by providing hands-on support and information. I love to help families postpartum because I believe that all families need extra support as they navigate the first few days/weeks and months with their new babies. Having extra support helps to ease the transition whether it’s your first baby or you’re adjusting to the growth of your family. It allows space for rest, bonding with the baby, and provides answers to all the questions that come up once a baby is home. I support families during the day and overnight.

After 15 years of helping families overnight I’ve experienced such a range of newborn and infant sleep. I’ve supported babies with sleep challenges such as reflux or during sleep regressions. I’ve also seen first hand how simple changes can often lead to huge sleep improvements. This was my inspiration to become a Sleep Consultant and to support families in making shifts to help improve sleep outcomes for the whole family. We all know the importance of sleep on our physical, mental and emotional health and the effects of not getting enough. I want to provide resources and coaching support so that other parents know they can make improvements in their baby and toddler’s sleep when they are ready. 



As a mother of four, I have had 33 years of experience with children. Among family and close friends, I am the go-to person for childcare advise and support.


I owned my own businesses and traveled the world, however, eight years ago, I came to the realization that I love children and have a natural nurturing/caregiver quality. Every baby I have cared for holds a special place in my heart and I still remain in contact with the families. I treat every child like my own.

One of my biggest challenges as a parent is learning how to adjust to different love languages and personalities my children have. Over the years, I have learned that parenting is not a linear process and your children need a happy mom not a perfect mom. This realization has helped me adjust to the different needs of my own children. 


I love reading health and wellness books along with historical Biographies. I listen to a lot of world news and public radio; my daughters have gotten me into podcasts. I enjoy a nice cup of hot English tea with a few English biscuits, whilst watching a good movie, especially if it’s a historical  drama. I cook a lot, and I’m always trying to come up with new recipes or improve on something in my recipe book.

My favorites in 3’s: English tea, Biscuits, and Fish.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters, trying new food, listening to world news, and cooking. 

I am a good listener and communicator. I am emotionally intelligent and pride myself on being warm and open to every family I meet. I will give loving suggestions aimed at providing the best care for the baby and support for the parent. I am an observant individual dedicated to picking up on the needs of babies, as they are not able to communicate yet. 


I give baths, support, and instructions to new mothers on how to best bath babies. I also give infant massages, and use calming and soothing techniques for the baby. 


I also believe it is important to listen to new moms about motherhood, their thoughts and fears, and how motherhood has changed them and their family dynamic. I always try to give good, informed, practical, and objective advise. 


Lastly, I am understanding and welcome people from all cultures, beliefs, and values.



Christy was born and raised in East Texas, attending University of Texas at Tyler for her Master’s in Health Sciences. She has extensive experience working in emergency rooms, womens/pediatric clinics, and teaching at community college and universities in public health and anatomy courses. During her graduate work she transitioned from global health to community health as she welcomed her surprise daughter into the world. She developed a passion for supporting mothers as she was a single parent in college and found a mentor to guide her as an infant and young child feeding specialist. She has organized parenting peer support groups, led breast/chest feeding research activities, and been a geek for finding the resources and supports needed to improve maternal health outcomes in our local communities. She finds purpose in using her nurturing skills to support new mothers in a tender transition of life. She has unique experiences with grief work and mental health that guide her in developing a vocation that can create waves of change in the world by working in the present moment with loving compassion. Her desire is to use her gifts and skills in a way that is sustainable for herself and others, in order to truly embody the resilience that is different stages of motherhood in our society. 



Leah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital and Photographic Imaging (2009) at Texas State University. She received Postpartum Doula certification through Tiny Love Doulas.  When her first born (2007) was four months old she suffered a misdiagnosed ruptured appendix.  The surgery and recovery were difficult, especially the heartbreak of not being able to continue breast feeding and caring for her son the way she did before surgery.  Years later, and after two additional abdominal surgeries, she gained perspective that life is short and must be lived to the fullest.  Leah believes mental health deserves a safe space to heal in times of hardship in order to move forward with greater perspective and thanksgiving.  Through her postpartum work and family photography she explores the natural fragility of life.  She believes nature, community, and children should be nurtured, treasured and honored.  In 2017, Leah was able to get pregnant with her and her husband’s second son.  One of Leah’s closest friends, Darby with ATX Doulas, was their birth doula.  Leah was impressed with how Darby navigated with them a natural birth and nurtured the family bond.  That experience inspired Leah to join ATX Doulas as a postpartum doula.  Among her family, friends, and clients Leah is known for her love, compassion, support and creating a safe space without judgment or shame.  The moments closest to Leah’s heart are living life to the fullest with her family, horseback riding with her dad, sharing a meal and laughing with friends, photographing family moments, and supporting postpartum families.


* Cara George, Teresa Lance and Angela Mirabella-Friedman also provide postpartum doula support. Please see their bios under Birth Doulas.


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Nicole is a certified birth doula with DONA International.  She has been supporting women and their families as a doula since 2008.  She has her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Texas and began working with families and children in 2003.  In 2006, she began working with young mothers and mothers in need with Any Baby Can doing prenatal, birth, and parenting education.  Her interest and passion for doula work was sparked by witnessing women birthing alone with little or no support and the realization of the long term impact a doula's work had for families.  She is in awe of the mystery of birth and offers a peaceful and engaged presence to empower a family during this transformational period. She has supported women and partners through many different types of births, and brings a wealth of knowledge, practical support, and experience.  Nicole has also been trained in optimal fetal positioning through Spinning Babies and is currently being trained in birth story listening/ processing through Birthing From Within.  Nicole is a native Austinite.  Her and her husband have three children and when she is not chasing her kiddos or doula-ing she loves to garden, cook, travel, be with family and friends, hike, and enjoy local Austin eateries.

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Cara is a LAMAZE certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified birth doula, certified postpartum doula, and a placenta encapsulator. She is a mom of 3 crazy lovable kiddos (2015, 2017, and 2021) and has personally experienced hospital birth and out of hospital birth. It was the care of 2 volunteer doulas during her first birth, who helped drive her desire to become a birth worker. She is passionate about education as an incredible tool to build confidence and help birth outcomes. She believes everyone should having access to the highest level of education and care during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She believes every person is born with inherent dignity, value, and worth and that women’s bodies are strong and beautifully made to birth their baby. When she isn’t teaching childbirth education or processing a placenta, she enjoys eating Asian food and watching musical theatre and fantasy tv series. Two things that will always make her smile are dance parties with her kids and trying new restaurants with her husband.