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ATX Childbirth Education is a 7- hour class with a break for lunch.

It is a non-judgmental childbirth education series with the goal of educating and empowering every pregnant person no matter where or how you chose to birth. We invite ALL birthing people to join regardless of relationship status, sexuality, gender identification, etc.  This class is for everyone! 


The series covers the following:


Overview of Normal Labor

The evidence- based 6 healthy birth practices. We will cover estimated due dates, anatomy and physiology of birth, and the three stages of labor, and pushing. Discussion emphasizes the normalcy of labor and helps give you confidence in yourself and your body.


Comfort Measures

Techniques such as relaxation, massage, breathing, visualization, tools and positions for comfort in labor, the mental side of dealing with pain, and different theories for pain management. Discussion emphasizes utilizing these techniques to use gravity and movement to shorten your overall labor, get baby in the optimal position, and ease the pain of labor. As well as the important role of support people.


Medical Procedures and Interventions

The benefits of letting labor start on its own, routine medical interventions, induction and augmentation of labor using Pitocin, the cascade of interventions, pain medications and epidural, assisted deliveries, and Cesarean birth. Discussion emphasizes making informed and educated choices regarding your birth based on knowing a procedure’s pros and cons, risks, and alternatives. 



Including the golden hour, skin to skin, choices and evidence for routine infant procedures, the first latch, what to expect postpartum in the hospital or birth center, physical changes and mental changes in the postpartum period. Discussion also addresses processing your birth and setting up a support structure for the postpartum period.

HSA/FSA Payments can be made here. Registration through the calendar is required.

Location: Birthwise Birth Center 17th & Rio Grande.  Contact for more info.

*Comfort Measures is offered as a stand-alone class

OLD - ATX Childbirth Ed Class

  • GROUPS & GROUP CLASSES (Childbirth Ed, Mama Bloom, Prenatal Series, etc.)

    Non-refundable or transferrable to other services

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