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Chelsea & Parker 

Mar 2024

"Leah was a lifesaver. She was so knowledgeable about newborns and postpartum. I felt so comfortable with her right from the start. She also cleaned and cooked for me when baby was sleeping and I just could not have asked for more. Would 100% recommend ATX Doulas and especially Leah!"

Soledad & Joshua

Aug 2023

"Amelia was there to support us emotionally and physically through the birth experience. She helped me navigate a 40 hour labor (Unmedicated for the first 30 hours), guided & comforted me through every contraction, 4 hours of pushing, and my difficult decision to proceed with a C-section that resulted in the birth of my son. She was there & present with us every step of the way. It was a sacred experience we will never ever forget and we are so grateful for her presence throughout."

Shaked & Elad

Apr 2023

"Amelia was wonderful during the entire process. She met us at the hospital after I was already admitted as my water broke at home, and intense active labor quickly started as the hospital as she arrived. She was very kind and supportive of both me and my husband. She helped me listen to my own body, provided physical and emotional support throughout the intense contractions, and was there to advocate for me in front of the hospital staff. We are so so grateful we got to have Amelia with us. [After we had our baby] Amelia came to our house and helped us with all our questions and concerns. She was so patient and kind with us. She provided all kinds of tips and resources that can help us with our problems and concerns (we discussed mostly breastfeeding struggles, and soothing struggles). Again, having her support along the way was a real gift for us. I just want to thank Amelia so much for all her support. She's amazing, and her presence during the delivery definitely helped me get the experience I was hoping to get, I don't know if I could do this without her. Thanks so much Amelia!"

Adriana & Eric

Dec 2022

"We can't say enough positive things about the postpartum care we received from Rosemary with ATX Doulas. Rosemary is knowledgeable, professional, kind, loving, and pretty much just amazing in general. We couldn't recommend her more!"

Amanda & Brian

Nov 2022

"Tanya was incredible at walking me through my induction, labor, and then c-section. She was there every step of the way and had the most calming, gentle, and knowledgeable demeanor. When I decided to have a c-section, she was literally by my side through it all and kept reminding me how strong I was. I was very afraid during the procedure and she talked me through it the entire time. I cannot imagine my birth experience without her and cannot say enough good things about ATX Doulas and the comfort your services brought my family and me."

Kortnie & Clay

Sept 2022

"Birth Class - Highly Highly recommend🙌🏾 Not only was it a fun day with other future parents learning all kinds of interesting facts .. but we felt so much more armed for the big day with all the knowledge that came with the class . The way the instructing Doula interacted with everyone to inform us made us feel more connected to our bodies and that much more ready to tackle Labor no matter where and how it was goin down.
Services during birth - I truly don’t know what we would have done without our Doulas.. Yes Doulas, plural.. our labor ended up being so many days at the hospital , it required back up. There were so many twists and turns to our birth that we were not expecting .. it felt like a whirlwind we were getting swept up in. Until Amelia arrived and helped us feel more grounded. Shepherding us in our quest to stay true to the birth philosophies that meant a lot to us. A calm presence amongst the chaos ,, someone on our side . Another part of the team to assist us in the best decision possible. Absolutely cherish Amelia and Katie for the staggering support they brought to our family in a great time of need . You’ll be with us always 🧡The post partum visit was something We didn’t know we were going to need so badly . The opportunity to review one of the wildest experiences of my life with everyone involved felt so relieving . Beautiful notes were taken at every step of the way, and to go over them with a different perspective was quite healing."

Bearded man wearing sunglasses carrying baby wearing a sun hat. Smiling woman wearing sunglasses with shoulder length brown hair.
White woman with long brown hair smiling holding baby dressed in a ty teddy bear costume. Husband with short brown hair smiling with his hand on the baby.

Kennan & Will

Aug 2022

"ATX gave me the tools, knowledge, and encouragement I needed to find my inner woman superpower and be the best mother I can be! Katie was the doula on call the day of my first son's birth. She came into my room and instantly made everything feel calmer, safer, and more controlled! I labored for a long time, and she stayed with us the entire time providing comfort and encouragement the whole way through. During my pregnancy, we attended the "Get Prepared" class and learned SO much information that we actually utilized on the day of our son's birth. Stepping into the hospital with the knowledge we gained from that class made us feel immensely more prepared. Personally, I did not utilize many postpartum services, but I wish I would have. I'm grateful to our doula, Katie, for coming by the house and checking on all 3 of us. I think I was too tired to ask for help, but actually needed it. She was able to read the room and kindly give us exactly the information we needed to know to make it through the precious newborn phase. I'm forever grateful to their services and look forward to baby #2! <3"

Heather & Nick

July 2022

"Klarque offered tips, tricks, props, oils, emotional & physical support, as well as advocacy. She coached my husband and gave him jobs during my labor. I made it to active labor - unmedicated! - and was able to feel my labor progress naturally. I felt so proud of myself and empowered. Once I had my epidural, I felt the unmedicated active labor helped me tune in to my body more and support a vaginal birth with no tearing!! Klarque was an integral part of my birth story and I am so grateful for her care and support."

Heather & Michael

March 2022

"I want to sincerely thank everyone at ATX doulas for everything you are about, stand for, and value. And I want to specifically thank Nicole for all of the support and deep listening she has provided for my wife over the last 5 years through 2 Mama Blooms groups (one with each child), one art journaling group, and one Vital Mamas program.


I can't stop singing praises for this company! This might be the best money I've ever spent in terms of value. The 4th trimester would be a doozy if it weren't for ATX doulas. But with their help, it's been a time of joy, love, and peace. We don't have family close by so ATX Doulas is our surrogate family. Thank you Shayna and Ellen for all of your day doula-ing help and sibling care that you have provided us."

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