"I knew I wanted a doula for my delivery but wasn't quite sure how to go about choosing one. At the time, I was absolutely sure that I needed to know who the specific person was who would be part of my delivery. However, in the end, interviewing and choosing a doula out of all the options got overwhelming. My husband and I decided why not go check out ATX Doulapalooza. We were skeptical but were so glad we went!  (GO TO DOULAPALOOZA!) We were able to meet many of the doulas, get our questions answered, and learn about the process. I am a nurse and wanted to be sure that my doula would be part of my team and not be in conflict with the medical team while also advocating for the natural birth I wanted. After meeting these ladies it was so apparent their approach was just what I was seeking. What a great team of momma advocates! I could see how each doula had their own strengths and how we would be happy with any of them!


...My doula was AMAZING. Of note, my nurse and doctor BOTH commented what a wonderful calming presence she was and how much they appreciated her approach. She was part of our team that day and really felt more like our family. I absolutely would use ATX Doulas again for another birth!" 

-- Macie: first time mom, birth client

"I don't even know where to start with these ladies.  They are INCREDIBLE!... A few days after my son was born, I realized that I needed postpartum help.  As a first time mama who is a champion worrier, I needed someone to show me the ropes!  Luckily, we scored a superhuman postpartum doula who has helped show me how to properly change a newborn diaper so that there are no blowouts, use my breast pump, use a pacifier... the list goes on.  She has also listened to me cry, has helped me work through conflicting advice from books, the internet, and even my pediatrician, and has helped me learn to trust myself and enjoy the process.  One month out, I've changed from basically a wreck to a happy, confident mama. And she's amazing with my son."

--Izzy: first time mom, birth and postpartum client 

"We had sibling care from ATX Doulas and the service was amazing. I went into labor quickly -- a contraction from one every 7 min (for 21 min) to one every 3minutes. I rang them up, told them and then within minutes received text message from one of the ladies saying she'll be 9 minutes...and she was. She wasn't the one to stay, but she was closest so came here first. I felt so comfortable with leaving my daughter with her and had confidence in the next doula that was arriving. It was a little bit of piece of mind knowing a doula was coming to your house in case things progressed even faster than expected. As it happen that was the case! Thank you for providing such a great service!"

--Zoe: second time mom, sibling care client

"After the birth of our son, we needed help as soon as we got home from the hospital. I contacted ATX Doulas around 4 pm and per my request, they had a doula at our house less than 6 hours later. She actually got to our house before we did. She proved invaluable that first night and in the next few weeks. Our son would cry for hours pretty much non-stop...one day he cried for 7 hours straight :( I have told countless people that I felt like I would have not made it if it weren’t for our doula. I was not in the physical or emotional condition to provide any significant help to my husband in caring for our newborn baby. I am so thankful for the support we received."

--Lori: first time mom, postpartum client

"Things my doula did: hip compressions (OMG thank you), soothing back rubs, suggestions for changing positions or hopping in the shower, visualization exercises, suggestions for what my husband could do besides looking tired and horrified, speak reassuringly in Spanish with my mother-in-law, ensure I got my squat bar (best way to pop out a baby), honor my wishes for an empty room during delivery, and *document* the delivery. That last one is huge, because no one could have predicted that the delivery would be so fast. Our nurse had a hunch based on the contractions, and we barely got a baby catcher and doctor in time for our little bunny to hop out. My husband looked bewildered by the speed of events. Our doula took the only pictures we have of her birth and texted them to us afterwards... I'm telling you, people: you want this level of support."

--Deji: first time mom, birth client

"I used ATX Doulas for labor support in my unmedicated birth at the birthing center.  The doula was amazing.  She brought so much knowledge to help me progress through my labor more quickly, supported me emotionally and with comfort techniques.  My husband was initially unsure we needed a doula and by halfway through he was convinced she was worth her weight in gold."

--Julie: frst time mom, birth client

"It was the best last minute decision I have ever made! Learning only days before my little girl was born that I would definitely be able to have a VBAC, ATX Doulas were super accommodating in getting us on the list at the last moment. Our doula provided a huge support in keeping me assured that I was on the right path and helping my husband with pain management (massage and pressure) during my labor both at home and at the hospital. I had an incredible birth experience without any drugs and am so grateful to have it as one of the most powerful experiences of my life!"

--Bri: second time mom, successful VBAC, birth client


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