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As birth doulas we are passionate about helping you achieve your best birth, whatever that might mean to you.  We see ourselves as birth guides, helping you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of childbirth. As a team, we have many years and hundred of births under our belts, and we draw from that wealth of knowledge and experience to offer evidence-based information, resources, and suggestions when needed so that you can have an empowered birth experience and all of the resources you need to make informed decisions. 

How to Sign Up With Us

  1. Attend Doula Meet Up to meet us, make sure we're a good fit for each other and get your questions answered. This also secures our refund policy for you.

  2. Submit the Birth Client Needs Assessment here.

Birth Package


2 Prenatal Sessions:

  • Virtual or In-home prenatal visit to assist in creating birth preferences 

  • Virtual prenatal visit to assist in creating postpartum plan

Guaranteed labor & birth support

Complimentary at-home early labor support

In-home post birth visit 

Lactation support 

Birth Client E-book

24/7 on-call support, no black-out dates, no additional fees

Doula Google text support, 24/7 throughout pregnancy and first 3 months postpartum​


Complete Birth Client Needs Assessment 

*please complete to become a client

Birth Preferences

Checklist icon

One-hour private and personalized in-home or virtual session covering the following:

  • Typical policies & procedures at your birthing place

  • What to expect from your doula

  • What to expect from birthing staff

  • Unmedicated vs. medicated vs. cesarean birth

  • Typical baby procedures after birth

  • Specific fears and wishes regarding your birth

Services & Payment Information

  • Please see our Refund Policies page for details on refunds and cancellations

  • Please see our Payment Information page for details on our mileage fees and payment options.

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