When you hire ATX Doulas, you hire the whole team. Because we operate with an on-call model, clients don't have to interview and choose their individual doula -- they let us know when they're in labor, and the doula on call will join them. If you would like to meet the doulas on the team beforehand, we strongly recommend attending one of our events to get to know us better!


Every day of the year, we have at least two doulas on call. When you go into labor, simply call the doula hotline and one of our on-call doulas will triage you over the phone. When it's go time, whoever is on call at that time will be your doula and she will meet you at your home, hospital or birth center. Once she's with you during labor, she stays with you until you meet your baby -- regardless of if that's 2 or 32 hours later. We don't swap out during births when our shifts change.


If another woman calls in labor that same day, the backup doula goes to her. From there, we have the ability to add more doulas to the schedule if need be. This model allows us to guarantee a doula at your birth any day of the year with no black-out dates. It also allows our doulas to plan their schedules around their call days, so that you always get a well-rested doula at your birth.


Because of the way we operate, there is a possibility that you may have never met the doula who is on her way to support you in labor, which definitely can make some people a little nervous. Here's what you can do to help that:

  • Check out Our Team page to read our bios and put a face with the name.


  • Collaborative Model: Because we work collaboratively on a rotation, we always have a rested doula and back up doula (and a back up to the back up) available.  You can meet our doula team at our Doulapalooza open houses every month. 

  • Collective Experience & Education: We work as a team, and we share knowledge, experience, and resources. We support 200+ births a year and we all learn from every one of those experiences. In turn, we are able to share that collectively-sourced knowledge and experience with the families we support.  We have worked at every major hospital and birthing center in and around the Austin area and have built solid relationships with many of the OBs and midwives in town.

  • Vetted Team: Our doulas are trained by nationally-recognized doula programs and thoroughly vetted by our management team.  Before we hire a doula, we run a background check, check references, and attend a birth with her.  This is our interview process, and it allows us to make sure that we have only quality doulas on our team.  We do the leg work so you don't have to!​

  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is competitive, and it is all available on our website.  No sliding scale, no case-by-case basis, no need to email us to inquire: our prices are posted on our website so you know exactly how much each service costs.  We figure you have enough things to do to prepare for baby, searching for doula pricing shouldn't be one of them.

  • One Stop Shop: At ATX Doulas we have everything you need for the childbearing year: birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth education, infant care and breastfeeding classes, placenta encapsulation, lactation counselors, photography, sleep help, nutrition, and more.  We make it easy for you to get all the support you need under one roof.

  • Great Reviews!: Check out our testimonials page, our Yelp reviews, and our happy clients album on our Facebook page.  We have a proven track record and scores of satisfied clients.  We know that the best compliment we can receive is a referral, and we are proud that so many clients have been willing to sing our praises.


The short answer is that we join you in active labor when you feel like you are ready for additional support. The long answer is that it depends. In an ideal world, you would let us know when you're feeling any rumblings of early labor so that you're on our radar. That way, we can keep in touch with you throughout the day or night and can check in periodically on how you're coping. We'll talk with you on the phone and assess your progress -- are you still chipper and chatty, or are you stopping to breathe and moan through your contractions? Whenever it seems like whatever you're doing is no longer enough and you're ready for support, then that's go time. We'll be with you in an hour or less. 

If you're being induced, this plan is basically still the same except we'll touch base with you when you check into the hospital and give you the low-down on what to expect depending on your induction technique. Then, just as in spontaneous labor, whenever things start to ramp up and you'd like additional support, that's when you call.