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Placenta encapsulation is nature's way of helping birthing people heal and restore energy after birth. The placenta produces all of the hormones during pregnancy; once it's delivered, you have a sudden and drastic drop in hormones. This can lead to decreased milk supply, sadness or "baby blues," fatigue, low iron, among other things. Placenta pills help to balance out your hormones and moderates your mood, energy, and physical healing leading to a happier and more energetic postpartum period. What's not to love!


Some benefits of placenta encapsulation are:

  • Increased milk supply

  • Increased energy

  • Helps to prevent postpartum depression and baby blues

  • Increased iron stores

  • Faster healing

  • Decreased postpartum bleeding​

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the birthing person’s placenta after the birth of their baby by dehydrating, powdering and placing it into capsules for the birthing person to ingest.  

An encapsulator will be pick up your placenta during daytime hours between 8 am and 8 pm. It typically takes 24-48 hours for processing and your pills are then dropped off with you. 


  • Single Placenta - $225

  • Twin Placenta - $300

To sign up, complete the Encapsulation Agreement. Email with any questions. 

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  • Take an insulated lunch box with you to the hospital/birth center.  

  • Inform your provider and nurse while in labor that you plan to keep your placenta for encapsulating purposes (you will sign a release waiver stating that it will be released to ATX Doulas).

  • Please let us know during daytime hours (8 am - 8 pm) that you have delivered (or even better, when you are in labor), so that we can make arrangements for pick up by calling or texting 512-931-4404.  Our encapsulators pick up placentas during day time hours (the placenta is fine on ice in the lunch box until we can get there, usually in the morning).


  • Seton Hospitals: There is generally a 72-hour hold.  Once the placenta is released from pathology, one of our team members will coordinate pick up. 

  • St. David's Hospitals:  Your placenta will be released immediately after delivery.  Have them bag it up and place it in the cooler with bags of ice around it.  

  • Baylor, Scott & White Hospitals: Your placenta should be released immediately after delivery. Have them bag it up and place it in the cooler with bags of ice around it.  

Services & Payment Information

    • Please see our Refund Policies page for details on refunds and cancellations

    • Please see our Payment Information page for details on our mileage fees and payment options.

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