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Not sure what options you have to choose from at your place of birth? Let our experienced doulas walk you through them and help you craft your birth plan! We've seen it all and will use a custom template to guide you through your choices. This one-hour private and personalized in-home or virtual session covers the following:

  • Typical policies & procedures at your birthing place

  • How your support person can ask questions when you're in "labor land"

  • What to expect from birthing staff

  • Unmedicated vs. medicated vs. cesarean birth

  • Typical baby procedures after birth

  • Specific fears and wishes regarding your birth

After you've registered, please reach out to to schedule your individual class.

We accept HSA and FSA and are able to supply you with everything you need to submit to insurance for reimbursement. .

Services & Payment Information

    • Please see our Refund Policies page for details on refunds and cancellations

    • Please see our Payment Information page for details on our mileage fees and payment options.

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