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Mama Bloom is a 6-week postpartum group series for mamas with babies under 1 year old.

It is an intentional series exploring pertinent themes in motherhood and the transition into motherhood. The group will be a safe space for mamas to gain support, connection, community and greater fulfillment. This is a place a mama can be known and explore who she is as a new mama without judgment. 

This group begins with a set group of mamas and stays closed until the 6 weeks are over to help create a “tribe” for these mamas. Groups meet weekly for 2 hours and cover themes such as: identity as a new mama, radical self-care, practicing greater presence, and self-love and compassion.  Expect to finish this series and have a greater sense of who you are as a mama and be able to embrace the challenges and joys of motherhood with greater acceptance and ease.  

Babies always welcome and encouraged.

Location: Birthwise Birth Center, 17th & Rio Grande

Price: $460

We accept HSA and FSA and are able to supply you with everything you need to submit to insurance for reimbursement.

Services & Payment Information

    • Please see our Refund Policies page for details on refunds and cancellations

    • Please see our Payment Information page for details on our mileage fees and payment options.

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