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Our prenatal group is a four session facilitated series that starts the first Wednesday of every month and meets virtually via ZOOM. This group is open to all expecting persons from any background. We strive to create a safe and open place for everyone.


Session 1:

Getting to know each other/trust each other. Setting group expectations on communication, vulnerability, confidentiality. How body feels. How participants feel emotionally. Pregnancy expectations. What ideal birth looks like. A good intro session to set the groundwork for trust, bonding, and sharing openly that will set the tone for the following sessions.

Session 2:

Getting evidence based care and what that looks like. Encountering and bias and racism as a birthing person. Induction information. Recognizing provider bait and switch tactics.


Session 3:

Optimal fetal positioning


Session 4:

Setting realistic postpartum expectations. A little about breastfeeding and those expectations. PP connection and resources and realism. Expectations with partner or solo parenting. 4th trimester. Real talk.

HSA/FSA Payments can be made here. Registration through the calendar is required.

Location: ZOOM

ATX Prenatal Group

  • GROUPS & GROUP CLASSES (Childbirth Ed, Mama Bloom, Prenatal Series, etc.)

    • Non-refundable or transferrable to other services

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